Some details about what will happen, and how to prepare for it.

The Day unfolds in two parts. First, each participant presents their research work in five minutes with the support of a scientific poster. Second, participants discuss and connect in an open networking session, over food and beverages.

Scientific poster guidelines:

1) Content and organisation of the poster should highlight three focuses of the presentation:
— what social challenges are being addressed;
— how is digital technology being used or studied in the project;
— what are the perspectives and potentials of the research.

2) Should appear on the poster:
— Names and positions of the Principal investigators and presenters;
— Contact person for the project;
— Organization hosting the project (University, Department, Group);
— Start and end dates of the project;
— Name of funding providers;
— Funding id number.

3) Format of the poster:
— Text on the poster must be easily readable from a two-meter distance;
— The poster must be in a vertical A1 format (594mm x 841mm);